Jinfinity is permanently offline

Jinfinity has operated for 4 years now and throughout this time we have released professional Joomla extensions that had previously only been available to our own commercial clients. We are so grateful to each and every one of our customers who have helped support and enable the continual refinement of these extensions. It has truly been a joy to see our extensions put to good use by the broader Joomla community. Through this support we have been able to fulfil our commitment to develop world class Joomla extensions — a mission that we started out with so many years ago.

Over the years both myself and Norm have had other interests competing for our time and this has resulted in a decreased level of support. This is something we're not proud of and a situation we never expected find ourselves placed in. Our other ambitions, both personal and professional, have taken priority and as a result we cannot allow Jinfinity to continue commercially.

Jinfinity is shutdown as of 27 September 2016. Our extensions will be published on GitHub and made freely available in the hope that crowd sourced development and support may continue. This decision was not an easy one to make and we thank you for taking the journey with us in extending Joomla as a platform for open source web development.

This journey wasn't always easy for us as there were plenty of challenges along the way especially during the early development. Looking back now we choose to relish in the good times and hope to see the legacy of the Jinfinity community and extensions continue on without our official support.