Custom extensions for Joomla

Jinfinity is the culmination of two talents. Anton & Norm.
Both are Joomla professionals who have been creating highly functional websites for large clients using Joomla for many years.

Further both are advocates for the Open Source philosophy and using Joomla's core functions.
Over the past few years Anton & Norm have collaborated on a number of projects and consequently have always wanted "just a bit more" from Joomla.

What we now have available to you are the extensions that we feel are missing from the market.

Anton Wintergerst


Computers captivated Anton from an early age and became a serious form of work in 2003.
Starting with a strong passion for mathematics and number patterns he spent a few years assisting with enterprise networking. Following on he spent the next 8 years developing Real-time 3D engines.

The focus of this development quickly aligned with the online world and Joomla struck him as an obvious choice. Anton now develops mobile apps that utilize the power of the Joomla CMS. He applies techniques learned for the complex mobile apps to maximise the experience of Joomla built websites.

Norm Douglas


Creating websites since 1997 and a career in IT has given Norm a great understanding of not only the web world, but rather online marketing and presence.

He combines his high level experience of custom Joomla templates with his business knowledge and experience to be able to deliver high functioning and beautiful websites to his clients.

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