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Download JiCustomFields (2.7.0) Joomla 2.5 Changelog [+]
2014-03-23 [version 2.1 build 270] Anton Wintergerst
* database (Breaking Change) Changed database structure for storing values. There is now multiple rows for each article to match the fields as opposed to the serialised single row.
* database (Breaking Change) #__jifields_index is now depreciated as the above change allows for direct indexing.
* database (Breaking Change) field prefix and suffix are now columns in the #__jifields table.
* component (Feature) Fields can be published/unpublished.
* component (Feature) Fields now have aliases and these will be utilised in a future release.
* component (Feature) Chinese, European and other characters are now supported.
* component (Feature) Many more significant changes as this has been the biggest release since 2.0
Download JiCustomFields (3.2.0) Joomla 3.0 Changelog [+]
2014-11-27 [version 2.1 build 320] Anton Wintergerst
* plugin (Bugfix) Improved support for get_jifieldvalue() syntax.