Custom extensions for Joomla

Extended custom fields integrated with Joomla core content.

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Extending the Joomla core

Jinfinity Custom Fields is a complete solution for extending Joomla core articles to unlock exciting new possibilities. JiCustomFields offers both back-end and front-end editing and is designed to let content creators get on with creating content. This extension does not replace the system your clients are familiar with but instead provides an extended set of relevant inputs. Applications of the fields within the sites layout can be as simple as appending a list of extra details to an article. More advanced layout ideas can be realised with the addition of the JiCustomFields module or template overrides.

Getting Started

Read through the Ji Custom Fields User Guide to get information on how to configure the component. Within this guide there is also links to tutorials and help on topics such as assigning custom fields to specific Joomla categories.

Displaying Fields

Each Ji Custom Field can be output differently depending on requirements and the position can be as simple as automatically prepending or appending the Article text. Alternatively, you can use the Ji Custom Fields module to display a field or fields belonging to a particular Article (Article detail view only).

Curly Bracket Syntax

More advanced positioning can be achieved inside the Article text by using curly bracket code:

Display a field from the current article (where my-field-alias is the alias of the JiField).

Display a field from another article (where 3 is the article id of another article).
{fields 3}my-field-alias{/fields}

Ji Custom Fields can also be positioned anywhere on the page by using template overrides:

Field Types

  • Image
  • Displays a single image. The input side allows images to be uploaded and scaled.
  • Maps
    Utilizes the power of Google Maps. Longitude and Latitude for the map is calculated by simply providing a street address or can be specified manually.
  • Meta Tags
    Adds custom meta tags to the head of the page.
  • Multi-Select
    Displays a dropdown list for input. Multiple options can be selected.
  • Tags
    Textfield with an autocomplete that uses values from other articles.
  • Text Area
    Displays a text area for input and optionally uses the active Joomla editor.
  • Text Field
    Displays a simple text field for input.
  • YouTube
    Utilizes the power of YouTube to embed a video.

View the complete list of Ji Custom Field Types here.