Custom extensions for Joomla

An intuitive and powerful extension to transfer Joomla content.

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Export the old content

Jinfinity Migrator is an easy way to copy all the content from an old site into a brand new Joomla 3.2+ environment. The Ji Migrator uses advanced techniques to ensure a smooth transfer all of the old articles, categories, menus and more. Simply install Ji Migrator on the old site to export and archive a selection of the old content. Then upload and import the migration archive into the new site using Ji Migrator.

Core Content Types

  • Joomla Articles
  • Joomla Categories
  • Files & Directories
  • Menu Items
  • Menu Types
  • Users
  • User Group Map

Third-Party Content Types

  • Ji Custom Fields
  • Ji Forms
  • Ji Grid
  • Advanced Modules
  • JEvents
  • JomSocial
  • K2
  • Kunena Forum
  • RS Membership