Custom extensions for Joomla

Jinfinity Social Widgets plugin offers integration with many of the popular social networks. Using this plugin will enable you to load multiple widgets directly into your Joomla article using only one line of curly bracket code.

Let's begin by installing the latest JiSocialWidgets plugin.


jisocialwidgets step01
jisocialwidgets step02

Enable Plugin

Go to the EXTENSION > PLUGINS then search for the Ji Social Widgets plugin. Enable this plugin by clicking the red status button.

jisocialwidgets step03
jisocialwidgets step03b

Article Editing

Go to the CONTENT > ARTICLE MANAGER then create or edit an existing article. (In this demo we will be editing an existing article).

jisocialwidgets step04
jisocialwidgets step05

Inside the article text field is where the widgets will be loaded. You will need to manually write some "curly bracket" code for the Social Widgets to appear.

There are several widgets you can include. If you're feeling adventurous, you could even include them all in one line!

For now, let's stick with a simple Facebook Like Button.


Start by initializing the plugin with:


This informs the plugin that we want a Social Widget placed here.


Now add some article specific options:


(TIP: Every article can have a different set of options)


We're done with the options, so let's both close the initializer and add an exit tag:

} {/socialwidgets}


The final curly bracket code looks like this:



And as you can see, google.com has quite a few Likes!

(TIP: Leave the like_href empty for the plugin to use the current page)

jisocialwidgets step06
jisocialwidgets step08

Social Widget Options

As you can see from the demonstration above, options can be configured on a per article basis. Each option should be separated by a pipe character "|".
E.g. {socialwidgets like=show|like_width=200|like_href=http://www.jinfinity.com|like_img=http://www.jinfinity.com/images/jilogo.png}{/socialwidgets}

It's best practice to start with the "widget=show" option to ensure your widget is shown and not hidden by the global options set in the plugin parameters.

Common Options

  • show
  • class

Facebook Like Button Options:

  • like (Show/Hide the Facebook Like button)
    Valid values: show, hide
  • like_href (URL to Like)
    E.g. http://www.google.com
  • like_send (Enable Facebook Send button)
    Valid values: true, false
  • like_layout (Layout for Like button)
    Valid values: standard, button_count, box_count
  • like_width (Width of Like button)
    E.g. 200
  • like_show-faces (Enable Facebook faces of people that have liked the url)
    Valid values: true, false
  • like_action (Verb to display for Like button)
    Valid values: like, recommend
  • like_colorscheme (Colorscheme for Like button)
    Valid values: light, dark
  • like_font (Font for Like button)
    Valid values: arial, lucida grande, segoi ui, tahoma, trebuchet ms, verdana

Facebook Comment Box Options:

  • comments (Show/Hide the Facebook Comments box)
    Valid values: show, hide
  • comments_href (URL to comment on)
    E.g. http://www.google.com
  • comments_num-posts (Number of comments to show)
    E.g. 5
  • comments_width (Width of Comments box)
    E.g. 450
  • comments_colorscheme (Colorscheme for Comment box)
    Valid values: light, dark

Facebook Page Box Options:

  • page (Show/Hide the Facebook Page box)
    Valid values: show, hide
  • page_href (Facebook Page URL)
    E.g. http://www.facebook.com/platform
  • page_width (Width of Page box)
    E.g. 450
  • page_height (Height of Page box)
    E.g. 550
  • page_show-faces (Enable Facebook faces of people that have liked the page)
    Valid values: true, false
  • page_colorscheme (Colorscheme for Page box)
    Valid values: light, dark
  • page_border-color (Border Color of Page box)
    E.g. 0000FF
  • page_stream (Enable the Page Stream)
    Valid values: true, false
  • page_header (Enable the Page Header)
    Valid values: true, false
  • page_force-wall (Force Wall for Pages that are Places)
    Valid values: true, false