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Jinfinity Migrator is an easy way to copy all your old content into a brand new Joomla 3.0+ environment.
With JiMigrator you can create an archive of all your old articles, categories, menus and more. This archive can then be uploaded to your new Joomla 2.5 or Joomla 3.0+ website using JiMigrator.

We do this on daily basis at the moment as we literally have hundreds of Joomla 1.5 websites that need upgrading.
Below is the first part of a two part tutorial where I will walk you through how we have made content migration easy.


Begin by downloading the latest JiMigrator for Joomla 1.5 and installing the component on your old Joomla 1.5 website.

jimigrator Migrating-from-Joomla-15-to-Joomla-3 001
jimigrator Migrating-from-Joomla-15-to-Joomla-3 002

Navigate to the JiMigrator Export page

jimigrator Migrating-from-Joomla-15-to-Joomla-3 003
jimigrator Migrating-from-Joomla-15-to-Joomla-3 004


On the export page you will be presented with a list of exporters.

Exporters directly relate to what type of content they process.

Once an exporter is enabled, the exporter options will be opened.

(TIP: JiExporters and JiImporters are simple subclasses of JiProcessors. You can find these inside the models directory of com_jimigrator. Following the processors developed by us, it's pretty easy for a PHP developer to create new Importers and Exporters or customize existing ones)

Export Modes

For most JiExporters there are 2 export modes.Everything = As the name implies, this will export all items of that particular content type (I would advise against using this for Files as you will copy old Joomla files).
Selective = When selective is enabled the filter list below Export Mode is used. Use this to include/exclude certain items.
(TIP: When using the Selective Filter List you can use the click, hold shift key + click again technique most will be familiar with in OS File browsers.)

jimigrator Migrating-from-Joomla-15-to-Joomla-3 005
jimigrator Migrating-from-Joomla-15-to-Joomla-3 006

Content Dependencies

Certain content types are dependent on each other. Whilst there is no problem exporting these types one at a time, care should be taken when importing content that expect other content types to exist.

Menu Items => depend on Menu TypesUsers <= and => User Group Map both depend on each other

jimigrator Migrating-from-Joomla-15-to-Joomla-3 007
jimigrator Migrating-from-Joomla-15-to-Joomla-3 008


Ok, so now that you have selected the content you want to export you are ready to hit the export button.

Well, there are actually two export buttons.Export Content = Start the export process the normal way and be presented with some neat AJAX status updates. (Status is presented at the top and bottom of the page)
Debug Export = As the name implies, this is for debug purposes. Content in old sites are not always perfect and occasionally it can break the export process. Use this method to find out whats breaking and be prepared to wait at a blank screen for a while

jimigrator Migrating-from-Joomla-15-to-Joomla-3 009
jimigrator Migrating-from-Joomla-15-to-Joomla-3 011

Downloading the Migration Archive

Once the export process has completed then you will see a link to Download Migration ZIP.

With this particular site we had a reasonable 30.64 Megabytes worth of content.

Download this ZIP file and save it to your computer (take note of where you save it because we will need it in the next step).

Once your download has completed, delete the Migration ZIP to ensure the content never ends up in the wrong hands

(TIP: JiMigrator works out of your websites TMP directory. You will find any completed exports inside this directory.)

That's it for PART 1

You now have a local copy of all your old websites content.
At this point you could optionally unarchive the migration ZIP on your computer and edit the files as required.

All database content is saved as CSV so it can be edited with any common spreadsheet editor such as Microsoft Excel or Google Docs.

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